'Impossible' to register for the board

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'Impossible' to register for the board

Postby rick2019 » Sun Feb 21, 2021 2:57 pm

Hi guys,

I'm not sure what happened, I had registered on this board a long time ago but forgot my account details -
now I wanted to register again, but it took me several day to successfully do it! :shock:


The captcha one is supposed to enter is almost IMPOSSIBLE to decipher really. Now I'm just a few decades old :) , but for our fellow older co-owners, it must be completely impossible to figure out the correct letter/digit combination, and they will probably simply give up after 1-2 attempts - attributing their failure to their 'lack of technological skills' or out of anger.
I suppose we actually WANT our co-owners to use this board, so if someone could change the currently active captcha module to another one (ideally to the one of Google, which is pretty reliable) it would be great.

The upcoming AGM would be a great chance to advertise a more active usage of the information board, but for that, it would be great if registrations would likely end up successfully! ;-)


(hopefully no one is upset about my little feedback, it's really meant in a constructive manner. Thanks for all the effort to keep the board running and up to date!)
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